"It’s hard to miss Bland. He stands 6’6” amidst mere mortals. He is handsome yes, usually a prerequisite for an actor. But, there is something else. An energy maybe, or a presence that rings through the words he speaks and draws you to him. Perhaps that’s why so many fans gather around their phones, laptops or TVs to watch him."
- Bleu Magazine

James Bland is a multi-hyphenate creator, Florida A&M University educated writer, director, producer and actor currently living in Los Angeles. He created, executive produced and starred in the Daytime Emmy Award winning drama series, Giants, which originally premiered on the Issa Rae Presents YouTube channel and is now streaming on Bet Plus. Bland directed the HBO documentary special Insecure: The End and worked as a writer on the upcoming Peacock limited series The Best Man: Final Chapters. Currently, Bland is developing a new original series for 20th Century Fox, which he’ll create and star.